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Electronics / Equipment Insurance

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What are the benefits of equipment insurance through Medien-Finanzservice?

  • Expertise in camera/film-related coverage; collaboration with associations and B2B wholesalers TELTEC & Videodata
  • Europe-wide or worldwide coverage, flexible and customizable
  • Various deductible options
  • Coverage for increased risks at filming locations without prior notice (cliffs, sports boats, etc.)
  • Short-term borrowed equipment up to €25,000 is covered without additional premium
  • Borrowing among colleagues is covered; commercial lending can be included at a small upcharge
  • Equipment insured 24/7, even from vehicles
  • Rental costs after a claim are covered up to €5,000 with no additional premium

What type of insurance is this?

  • All risks are covered, even unknown and unnamed risks are included (intent and gross negligence are not)
  • Comprehensive insurance, i.e. no itemised list required; easy, uncomplicated adjustment of the coverage amount

What specific damages would be covered?

  • Destruction, damage, intentional acts by third parties, vandalism
  • Dropping, mishandling, clumsiness, disappearance
  • Theft & burglary (including during air travel), robbery, flooding & damage from rain, fire

What items are insured?

In general, photographic and filming equipment, including accessories.
Additionally, communication electronics, as well as data and IT technology.

Here is an exemplary, non-exhaustive list:

Camera systems including accessories, lenses, tripods, cables & battery devices, lighting equipment (e.g., spotlights, flashes, light sources), microphones, speakers, cases, notebooks / laptops including memory cards, USB sticks, mobile hard drives, scanners, printers, copiers, mobile phones, tablets, recording & playback devices, sound and special effect devices

What is not insured?

  • Copters, drones
  • Consumer electronics
  • Security technology